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ABReC Data Sharing Agreements

Data Suppliers - Terms and Conditions

Records for inclusion in the database are accepted on the understanding that the data owner (either an individual or organisation) has read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.

1. The information held on the database will be made freely available through the National Biodiversity Network Atlas and may be used for any purpose that meets the objectives of ABReC. This is subject to any special conditions made by the recorder at the time of submission.

2. The records will be passed to recognised national recording schemes and may be shared with other specialist recording groups unless otherwise specified at the time of submission by the recorder.

3. Records may be subject to verification and accuracy checks, and may be reformatted to fit the requirements of the final datasets. Obvious errors may be corrected without reference to the original recorder.

4. No personal information other than the name of the recorder and determiner will be included within the datasets. The contact details of the recorder and determiner will be retained with the original record.

5. Sensitive records will be stored at full grid reference resolution, but made available publicly at a lower resolution as specified by the original recorder or if it is considered appropriate. Full details will be made available only to approved groups or individuals.

6. Recorders wishing to retain control over data for their own purposes (e.g. pending publications) should either delay submission or submit it with a request that the record or specified parts of it should not be made public until ABReC is notified.

7. Records are accepted on the understanding that the person submitting the data either collected the original information or has the permission of the recorder(s) and that reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the data.

8. Recorders are responsible for notifying the ABReC of any changes to the submitted records.

9. At the written request of the recorder, the conditions pertaining to the future use of those records may be changed or the records and any archive copies will be deleted from the database.

10. ABReC will take all reasonable measures to maintain the security of their database and archives, and to control access to this information.